PO Box 422   •   109 Houston Street NW   •   Preston, MN 55965
(507) 765-2181   •   innkeepers@jailhouseinn.com

Featured in
"FORTUNE Magazine"
(October, 2017)
...a repurposed historic
building: Hotel Minnesota
"From Cells to Suites"

Map.....To Jail

Break Out Of The JailHouse Inn…

or use your "time off for good behavior" and explore Southeastern Minnesota

Most Roads Lead To The JailHouse Inn

The JailHouse Inn is a comfortable 2 hour and 15 minute drive south from the Twin Cities on US Highway 52

5 hours from Chicago on Interstate 90 and US Hwy 52 South

3-1/2 hours from Des Moines on Interstate 35 and Minnesota 16 (a National Scenic Byway)






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