PO Box 422   •   109 Houston Street NW   •   Preston, MN 55965
(507) 765-2181   •   innkeepers@jailhouseinn.com

Featured in
"FORTUNE Magazine"
(October, 2017)
...a repurposed historic
building: Hotel Minnesota
"From Cells to Suites"

Interested in Owning a B&B?
Map.....To Jail

Break Out Of The JailHouse Inn…

or use your "time off for good behavior" and explore Southeastern Minnesota

Most Roads Lead To The JailHouse Inn

The JailHouse Inn is a comfortable 2 hour and 15 minute drive south from the Twin Cities on US Highway 52

5 hours from Chicago on Interstate 90 and US Hwy 52 South

3-1/2 hours from Des Moines on Interstate 35 and Minnesota 16 (a National Scenic Byway)






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