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Featured in
"FORTUNE Magazine"
(October, 2017)
...a repurposed historic
building: Hotel Minnesota
"From Cells to Suites"

Bridal Suite

Bridal Suite


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Part of the former upstairs jail area has been transformed into a spacious, private suite with a king-size bed and in-room two person whirlpool in view of the wood burning fireplace. The Bridal Suite step thru shower makes your special time together comfortable and enjoyable. Chaise lounge seating and two wing back chairs adds to the spaciousness of the suite.

Sheriff Knute Inglebret (circa 1927-1941)*


*The Jailhouse Historic Inn is a twelve guest room country inn where guest room names commemorate the service of one of the twelve (12) Sheriff’s serving Fillmore county as sheriff during the period of time when the building housed the jail, the sheriff’s living quarters, sheriff’s office and courtroom.

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